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About Targeted Financial Services

As investment advisors, the partners of Targeted Financial Services have a mission to offer a rare blend of knowledge, economic analysis and old-fashioned common sense to achieve our clients' objectives.


One of the keys to a successful relationship is constant and consistent two-way communication. At Targeted Financial Services we offer many forms of contact including regular meetings with your advisor, conference calls, newsletters, immediate access to your investment accounts through our website and emails discussing timely topics (such as equity news, proposed changes in the Federal tax code, etc.) Sometimes we even do “house calls” in order to best service your needs. Conversations and electronic communications are saved into our company’s secure electronic data base program to ensure accuracy. It also enables any of the “Targeted Financial team” to have a centralized reference point should your primary advisor be unavailable to assist you.


As a Registered Investement Advisor, we consider every aspect of your financial life. From the first day we opened Targeted Financial Services, we consciously choose to be independent - meaning that we can select the most suitable investment and insurance programs from a variety of companies. We have no inventory of financial products to sell, nor are we obligated to any brokerage house, money management firm, mutual fund, insurance company or bank. That independence affords us the ability to offer you completely impartial advice to fulfill your financial needs.


We believe the best way to understand your needs is through encouraging and nurturing a deep relationship with you.  As your advisor we will talk openly not only about your investments but also about your broader financial goals and risks.  Discussing and planning your financial goals on an ongoing basis with your advisor will keep you on track to reaching your goals.  While your investments are important, working with your advisor on a  big picture plan for your financial and life goals, concerns and risks provide piece of mind.

You Work Directly With the Owner 

We recognize that time is a valuable commodity. As fellow business owners we understand the importance of working with an advisor who can offer you advice that is not only accurate but insightful and (whenever possible) creative. When you speak to your Targeted Financial Services advisor, you can be sure that as a fellow entrepreneur, we understand your need for timely and candid results.

Planning Process


From the moment you begin your relationship with Targeted Financial Service, our priority is to provide you with the tools and guidance to achieve your goals. We incorporate a six-step planning process to evaluate your current situation, establish a gameplay and measure results.

Investment Objectives

Through the implementation of creative, diversified and comprehensive investment plans, we strive to achieve your financial goals. Your personalized investment allocation is individualized to fulfill your stated investment objectives-including building your retirement “nest egg”, saving for college, planning your estate or managing your wealth.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning means preparing today for your future to optimize achieving your goals and dreams. This includes setting your retirement goals, estimating income needs, and investing to grow your retirement savings. Every retirement plan is unique. The team at Targeted Financial have the knowledge and tools to assist in creating a flexible plan for retirement. Your advisor will assist in mutually identifying planning assumptions such as income needs at retirement, life expectancy, risk tolerance and projected inflation rate. The planning process will be ongoing from analysis and evaluation to developing recommendations and then implementing the plan. Together we will continue to monitor and review the plan’s progress and make necessary changes along the way.

College Savings

There are a myriad of education programs to choose from. The key is to select not only the top-rated college savings plans in terms of annual performance, but the ones which offer you the best tax advantages (and sometimes deductions) as well. In most cases, we can provide you with a 529 college savings plan which offers performance and tax benefits to suit your investment goals.

Estate Planning

To efficiently produce an estate plan, you need a team of advisors ranging from estate attorneys, to tax specialists, to wealth preservationists. Think of us as the “point guard” of that team. Through our vast network of professionals, we can formulate a plan for your estate, as well as orchestrate a harmonious working relationship amongst that group of professionals. We can help you determine the most appropriate use of trusts, gifting programs and foundations to best build your legacy and reduce future taxes.

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